Duo da Barba

The Duo da Barba is a group formed by Turi Pappalardo on the mandolin and Torquato Tricomi on the guitar. Their musical heritage is directly connected to our ancient and forgotten traditions: the music of the barber shops. These were places that, before being called “hair stylists,” were not just places to cut hair or trim beards but true microcosms of a society that gathered stories, tales, old legends, and music. Barbers – as is well known – used to close (and still close) on Mondays, while on Sundays, they remained open and hosted musician friends. The pieces that are part of the “barber” tradition don’t have titles but are part of an “oral” tradition, meaning they are heard and then repeated in the most convenient key for the musician.

2012 | 4° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily