Glen Velez

Glen Velez, an American of Mexican descent, is considered one of the greatest percussionists in the international music scene, although relatively less known to the general public. A virtuoso and deep connoisseur of frame drums, he is credited with introducing this type of instrument into contemporary music, spanning genres from jazz and rock to ethno-folk.
As the creator of a unique teaching method (Handance method) that combines Indian teaching techniques (where rhythms are vocalized) with body movement, Glen Velez is extensively involved in educational activities worldwide.
He has been honored with three Grammy Awards and was voted Best Percussionist of the Year in 2001 by DRUM! magazine. Glen Velez has collaborated with numerous artists, including Steve Reich, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Pat Metheny, Richard Stoltzman, Suzanne Vega, Howard Levy, Zakir Hussain, Sonny Fortune, and the Sicilian Enzo Rao.

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