Ilenia Romano

Ilenia Romano, born in Sicily in 1984, trained at the National Dance Academy in Rome, where she earned a first-level degree in choreutic disciplines with a contemporary focus and a second-level degree in choreographic composition, both with the highest honors (110 and praise). She continued her studies in Catania with Modem Studio Atelier, an advanced course by the Zappalà Danza Company.
She has delved into various contemporary dance techniques and worked with renowned choreographers and companies of international significance. Since 2011, she has pursued her own choreographic research (composition and improvisation), leading to collaborations with important Sicilian and non-Sicilian musicians, including Angelo Martines, Alfio Antico, the Café-Aman (a traditional Greek music group), and Puccio Castrogiovanni.

2013 | 5° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily