Simone Ardita Voice, Guitar and Bouzouki
Giulia Fassari Voice and Percussion
Nicoletta Nicotra Voice
Alessandro Pizzimento Picks, Guitar, Bagpipe, Flageolet, Bass and Voice
Francesco Messina Picks and Guitars
Luca Bordonaro Clarinets
Andrea Mirabella Flute and Percussion
Gabriele Ricca Accordion, Voice and Percussion
Giuliano Ursino Electric Bass and Guitar
Francesco Castrogiovanni Mute Tambourine, Pandeiro and Frame Drums
Sara Castrogiovanni Darbuka, Percussion and Voice

Puccio Castrogiovanni Direction

“Jacarànda is a medium to large-sized tree with lilac cluster flowers that cover the branches and the ground beneath it during spring. Its wood, called rosewood due to its reddish color, is also used for crafting the bodies of guitars and other musical instruments. This plant is found in many parts of the world, including Kenya, East Africa, South Africa (Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique), Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, and it’s abundant in Catania!”

Jacarànda was formed in 2017 by the initiative of the Etnea Musical Association as a laboratory ensemble, directed by Puccio Castrogiovanni. The orchestra presents original songs in Sicilian for a new contemporary folk music. The lineup, consisting of talented multi-instrumentalists, features traditional folk instruments such as bagpipes, flageolets, marranzani, accordion, tambourines, and mandolins, which blend with more modern sounds like electric bass and acoustic guitars, as well as classical instruments like the flute and clarinet. All of this is embellished with instruments from around the world, such as the Brazilian berimbau and pandeiro, darbuka and dahul, bouzouki, Arabian lute (oud), and cajon. The result is a rich and heterogeneous sound, the product of each group member’s spontaneous creativity. Their first self-titled album, released by Viceversa Records, is the result of a creative writing workshop with the Juvenile Justice Institute of Acireale (CT) and has obtained the patronage of the Ministry of Justice – Department of Juvenile and Community Justice. With the support of the Treccani Foundation, they are working on a second album featuring the participation of Faisal Taher, the vocalist of Dounia and Kunsertu, and the participation of poets Jaroslaw Mikolajewski, Moncef Ghachem, and Biagio Guerrera.

2019 | 10° Edition, 2021 | 12° Edition, 2023 | 14° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily