Extraordinary ensemble born in Rome that brings together Maghreb musicians, Romanian Romani, and Italian soloists.
The Arab civilization, spread throughout the Mediterranean, has adorned the Western world with treasures of architecture, literature, painting, and music. Its melodies and instruments have profoundly influenced the history and musical sensibility of the West, from Istanbul to the Balkans, from the Maghreb kingdoms to Sicily, and even in Andalusia.
Alongside the Arab musicians who composed and spread this repertoire, there are other excellent interpreters of this rich tradition: the Romani, artists who migrated from North Africa to Andalusia and those who moved from Turkey to the Balkans, collaborating with local instrumentalists who were often gitanos (in Spain) and tsigani (in Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece). Hence the Romarabeat project to recreate that musical harmony from the Maghreb to the Balkans.

Africa, Europe, Italy, Marocco, North-Central Africa, Romania