Michele Piccione Vocals, Frame Drums, Darbuka, Cajon, Bouzouki, Battente Guitar, Scottish Bagpipes, Gaita Gallega, Key Bagpipe, Paru Bagpipe
Bendetto Basile Flute, Piccolo, Chorus, Frame Drums
Ciccio Piras Vocals, Guitar, Bass Drum, Spoons
Barbara Crescimanno Vocals, Frame Drums, Percussion, Traditional Dances
Marco Macaluso Accordion, Chorus

Wherever human beings are, it seems they have an innate need to move in a coordinated manner following a musical rhythm. We could even argue that this is one of the identifying and defining traits of our species.
LassatilAbballari‘s ultimate goal is to encourage their audience to dance and move, thanks to the rhythmic and melodic frenzy of a tambourine, a guitar, an accordion, a flute, and even a bagpipe or a Scottish bagpipe. The audience, in this way, doesn’t passively observe but becomes an integral, if not fundamental, part of the show itself.
The group’s repertoire will transport you to a unique atmosphere, wandering through Europe with dance music and musical instruments that characterize the cultures of our continent.
LassatilAbballari was formed in 2006 following the musical encounter between Michele Piccione and Benedetto Basile. Over the years, various musicians have joined LassatilAbballari, including Daniele Tesauro, Valeria Cimò, and Davide Polizzoto. In 2011, the group found its definitive lineup, which still performs on stages throughout Europe today.

2016 | 7° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily