Neney Santos

For MWF 2018, Sambazita Orchestra will be joined by Neney Santos, one of the most brilliant Brazilian musicians active in Italy, with significant collaborations with artists such as Caetano Veloso, Carlinhos Brown, Olodum, and Rosalia De Sauza.

In Italy, Neney Santos, known for his extraordinary percussive arrangements, live performances, and remarkable rhythmic energy, has participated in tours with Negrita, Jovanotti, Alex Britti, and Mario Venuti. Santos draws inspiration mainly from Afro Axé, a musical genre typical of Salvador de Bahia. His music is a powerful blend of funk, pop, Afro-samba, bossa-nova, and jazz, all converging in his debut solo EP, “Meu Canto.” In this release, he not only showcases his rhythmic sense but also unveils his vocal talents, along with elevated compositional skills—a rarity in both the Italian and Brazilian music scenes, where there’s often a stronger connection to classical and interpretive criteria.

2018 | 9° Edition, America, Brazil, South America