Spiridon Shishigin | Nadeza Potapova e Kim Borisov

From the distant Republic of Sakha (known to most as Yakutia, in the far east of Asian Russia), a delegation of 4 musicians of different generations arrives in Sicily for the MWF. They are accomplished virtuosos of the ‘khomus,’ which is considered the national instrument in Sakha and also a magical instrument capable of creating a connection between humans and the realm of nature. From ritual dances to traditional singing techniques, from costumes to highly prized instruments crafted by blacksmiths who hold ancient artisanal secrets, the 4 Siberian musicians will provide the MWF audience with insights into the traditional shamanic culture of Yakutia, considered by many as the ‘Mecca’ of jaw harps.

2012 | 4° Edition, Asian Russia, Jacuzia, Northern Asia