2° Edition | 2007

Cianchi di lignu e panza di peddi… The Tombourine in Sicily and in the World

The idea of music as a cultural bridge, connecting Sicily with the various shores of the Mediterranean and the world, deeply inspires the Marranzano World Festival. The event’s title, with its reference to a specific instrument, should not be misleading since the jaw harp is not only one of the most representative instruments deeply rooted in the musical tradition of Sicily but also, and above all, a metaphor for everything that, while typically Sicilian, projects into a space of international cultural relations; for everything that, despite having ancient roots, extends toward the future.
Just like the jaw harp, the focus of this second edition of the festival, the tambourine is also a typically Sicilian instrument found in a wide variety of forms and models in many traditional cultures in Italy, Europe, Asia, and the entire planet. As a witness to a very ancient form of “globalization,” the tambourine is simultaneously a symbol of our local tradition and a potential vehicle for global interconnection.

The need to rediscover and value the musical heritage of Sicilian tradition not in a parochial key but as a tool for exploring a path of knowledge and intercultural tolerance is at the core of the cultural project Marranzano World Festival. The festival aims to create a meeting point and reference for the world of popular musical instruments in Sicily, as well as for music, arts, and Sicilian cultural traditions in general. To enhance and promote the rediscovery of our ancient cultural roots and simultaneously unveil, through the history of musical instruments, deep connections with other cultures and traditions of peoples more or less distant.

The festival program, detailed in the attached version, is rich with significant local, national, and international guests. It includes an ethnomusicological conference on the history and anthropology of frame drums, an exhibition of musical instruments, a series of practical music workshops, and various concerts. These initiatives cater to a broad and diverse audience, offering the opportunity to discover the unsuspected variety and richness of the sound world enclosed between wooden frames and sheepskin.
Given the great success of the previous edition, which similarly unveiled the musical potential of the jaw harp and frame drums, this year, a concert on April 24th will be entirely dedicated to these instruments and the musical traditions of the Far East. Virtuosos from Sicily, Germany, and Japan will participate.

During the festival, there will also be an exhibition of musical instruments, providing an overview of popular musical instruments in Sicily and sound objects from the traditional and peasant world (rattles, cowbells, sound toys), as well as tambourines and frame drums from Sicily and around the world. The exhibition, enlivened by the daily sessions of the music workshops, will take place in the heart of the ancient kitchens of the Benedictine Monastery, a very evocative location that allows a glimpse into the geological history of the city, making it an additional point of interest for visitors. The Regional Archaeological Museum of Agrigento collaborated on the exhibition, contributing iconographic support on musical instruments depicted in Attic and Magna Graecia ceramics from the 6th to 3rd centuries BC.


19 april

15:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini

The Tambourine: history, anthropology, and contemporary aspects of an ancient musical instrument
Presentations by Nico Staiti, Layne Redmond, Angela Bellia e Leo Tadagawa.

18:30 • Monastero dei Benedettini

Inauguration of the exhibition of musical instruments, concert, and aperitif


In collaboration with Università di Catania, Circuiti Culturali

21 april

19:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini


21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini

Open Stage and concerts
Layne Redmond (USA)
TrizziRiDonna (Palermo)
Paolo Cimmino (Salerno)
IpercusSonici (Catania)


In collaboration with Ass. Linera in Movimento

25 april

15:00 • Santa Venerina, CT


17:00 • Santa Venerina, CT


18:00 • Santa Venerina, CT

by Massimo Laguardia (Palermo)
with the participation of Millenaria Tammura

19:00 • Santa Venerina, CT

PINO ZIMBA and ZIMBARÌA (Salento, Puglia)


22 april

21:30 • Chiostro Sangiuliano (CGIL)

Sicily meets the World
Fabio Tricomi (Catania)
Bijan Chemirani (Iran)
Glen Velez & Lori Cotler (USA)
Alfio Antico (Siracusa)

23 april

21:30 • Monastero dei Benedettini

Within the exhibition “The Gaze of the Other – Dialogues between Cultures”
conducted by Glen Velez (USA)

24 april

10:00 • Sala Lomax, via Fornai

Fabio Tricomi (Catania)
Gert Conradt (Germania)
Leo Tadagawa (Giappone)
Marranzano Matto (Sicilia)


Tambourine and Sicilian Folk Dances


with Fabio Tricomi e Ivan Calì (Sicily)



The Healing Power of Frame Drums, Rhythm, and Ritual


with Layne Redmond (USA)



Zarb, Daf and Persian Rhythmic Techniques


with Bijan Chemirani (Iran)



Traditional Dance on Campanian Tambourine


with Ciro Di Gennaro (Campania, Italy)



Handdance workshop


with Glen Velez e Lori Cotler (USA)



Konnakol, groove and tambourine


with Paolo Cimmino (Campania, Italy)



The Figures and Sounds of Alfio Antico


with Alfio Antico (Sicily)



Traditional Salento Pizzica Workshop


with Pino Zimba e Zimbaria (Salento, Italy)

The music workshops are the heart of the entire festival program.
A dense schedule of workshops and masterclasses that attracts musicians from all over Sicily, Italy, and several foreign countries to our city.
The workshops create the opportunity for a practical and concrete exchange between foreign and local guests. They allow the audience to experience and absorb cultural and musical content in an intimate encounter with the artists, leaving the city with a legacy of practical skills that live on in the future experiences of all participants.
This year’s workshop program covers the main performance traditions of tamburello and tammorra from Southern Italy, inextricably linked to the repertoires of traditional dance in the reference regions.
Not by chance, the three workshops curated by Fabio Tricomi and Ivan Calì for Sicily, by Ciro di Gennaro and Paolo Cimmino for Campania, and by Pino Zimba and Zimbaria for Salento, each include two meetings dedicated respectively to traditional playing techniques on frame drums and traditional dances such as ballittu, tarantella, tammurriata, and pizzica.
Bijan Chemirani’s workshop will be an introduction to the refined percussive art of Persian classical music on Zarb and Daf, while Layne Redmond’s will delve into the deep and age-old connection between frame drums and ritualistic and therapeutic contexts. Paolo Cimmino will present his personal study on the application of Indian Karnatic rhythmic patterns to the tamburello.
The workshops by Alfio Antico and Glen Velez with Lori Cotler will be an opportunity to explore the personal technical developments led by these great virtuosos and are configured as masterclasses for a more experienced audience.

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