8° Edition | 2017

After focusing, in its first 5 biennial editions, on instruments from all organological categories (idiophones, membranophones, aerophones, chordophones, and vocals), and dedicating the tenth edition to innovations in the world of musical instruments and oral vocal techniques, this new edition focuses on folk dances from Sicily to Siberia, passing through Salento and European and Balkan folk dances.
Dance, an elective context for instrumental music in the popular world and in traditional cultures worldwide, is above all a moment of meeting, exchange, and collective sharing among people, generations, languages, and diverse cultures. The traditional ballet of the Peloritani Mountains and Sicilian folk dances can be compared and alternated with the tarantella pizzica of Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, a historic group dedicated to the research and revival of Italian folk songs, and with the ritual circle dances ohuokhai of Siberian musicians from Yakutia, who will come to Catania through a cultural exchange project sponsored by the Russian Embassy.
The conclusion of the stage concerts, featuring alternating guests such as the Chinese virtuoso Wang Li, the Ukrainian singer and stylist Makoviya, the Indian researcher Sameer Thakur, and the Tuva singer Sainkho Namtchylak, will leave every evening space for traditional dances accompanied by acoustic instruments, allowing participants to experience the lessons from the numerous workshops held during the day.
Connected to the MWF project is the multimedia exhibition on the history and geography of dreamcatchers from around the world, realized thanks to collaboration between the University of Catania, the International Puppet Museum A. Pasqualino in Palermo, and the Khomus Museum in Yakutsk (RU).


The eighth edition of the Marranzano World Fest will delve into the forms and repertoires, execution techniques, styles, and specificities of folk singing in Sicily, whether solo or polyphonic, in both devotional and secular contexts. This exploration will include a comparison with choral and traditional singing repertoires from other regions of Italy and the world, as well as the study of numerous relationships between “cultivated” and “folk” repertoire. Various research experiences along the continuum from field research to the stage will be presented, alternating presentations by speakers with musical performances by guests and the screening of short films produced by students in the educational workshop “Voci della Tradizione” (Voices of Tradition) held at DISUM between March and April 2017.
Additionally, Giuseppe Giordano’s book, “Tradizioni musicali fra liturgia e devozione popolare in Sicilia” (Musical Traditions between Liturgy and Popular Devotion in Sicily), published by Edizioni Museo Pasqualino, Palermo, will be presented. The volume is the result of the author’s multi-year research on devotional songs of Holy Week in Sicily, published with the support of the project “Traditional Music Heritage Safeguard” by Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT).


16 september

22:30 • Piazza Federico II

In collaboration with Ursino Buskers
ZOORD (Hunghery)

24 september

21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini

I LAUTARI (Sicily, Italy)


30 september

21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini


Gathering of Sicilian Marranzano Players
Mike Heintz (Switzerland/USA)
Olga Prass, Nikolai Sobolev (Moscow, Russia)
DAMADAKÀ (Naples, Italy)

31 september

21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini


Cantori di Malvagna (Messina, Sicily)
I Pircanti (Catania)
Igor Dimitriev and Anna Zhavoronkova (Russia)
LO COR DE LA PLANA (Marseille, France)

1 october

21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini

Sicily Calls Africa

Matilde Politi and Simona Di Gregorio (Sicily, Italy)


Scientific coordination by Sergio Bonanzinga (University of Palermo, Sicily)

29 september

22:30 • Piazza Federico II

Oral Tradition Songs: From Field Research to the Stage
With the participation of Rosario Perricone
Presentation of the Sicilian Ethnographic Archive Portal

Musical Contributions:
Fabio Tricomi (Catania)
Ignazio Panebianco (Malvagna, Messina)
Matilde Politi and Simona di Gregorio (Sicily)
Damadakà (Naples)

30 september

21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini

Musical Traditions Between Liturgy and Popular Devotion in Sicily,
Pasqualino Museum Editions, Palermo
Presentation of the volume by Giuseppe Giordano, who will be present
With the musical performance by the singers of the Confraternities of Alimena (Palermo)


Turru Turru lu Tammuru.
Traditional Sicilian Polyphonic rhythmic singing


with Matilde Politi and Simona di Gregorio (Sicily, Italy)



Folk songs from the Russian tradition


with Anna Zhavoronkova (Saint Petersburg, Russia)



Revolutionary Songs of Marseille


with Manu Theron (Marseille, Francia)



Tammurriata Giuglianese


with Damadakà (Naples, Italy)





with Aron Szilagyi (Kecskemet, Hunghery)



Vargan: The sound of the Jew’s Harp according to Russian tradition


with Nikolai Sobolev (Moscow, Russia)



Marranzano (Traditional Sicilian Jew’s Harps)


with Fabio Tricomi (Catania, Italy)



Tammorra: beats the drum


with Damadakà (Naples, Italy)



Traditional Sicilian Tambourine


with Fabio Tricomi (Catania, Italy)

In addition to concerts featuring prestigious local, national, and international guests, the program includes a rich schedule of conferences, presentations and practical workshops to get up close and personally experience folk dances, songs, and music from Sicily to Campania, from Russia to Africa, also including Hungary, France, Switzerland, and the United States.

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