9° Edition | 2018

Since its first edition in 2005, the MARRANZANO WORLD FEST has quickly established itself as a reference point and gathering moment for the diverse community that combines ethnomusicological research with musical practice, as well as the dissemination and preservation of the oral tradition musical heritage.

Born with the aim of (re)discovering and valorizing Sicilian musical traditions through a fertile comparison with cultural traditions from around the world, the MARRANZANO WORLD FEST is now a unique context where the past and future, scientific research and artistic practice, tradition and contemporaneity, local culture and the global village, rigorous study, and pure entertainment converge. It is characterized by the values of encounter, exchange, and sharing among people of different generations, languages, and cultures.


28 june

19:15 e 21:15 • Cinema King, Catania

The Strange Sound of Happiness
Film by Diego Pascal Panarello with live musical performances by the author and other festival guests


29 june

17:30 • Piazza Università

Rhythmic Traditions in Comparison
Introduction meeting with the guest artists and topics of this edition

Aperitif and inaugural drumming

21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini

National Gathering of Scacciapensieri

Gathering of Sicilian Marranzano Players
Tapa Sudana (Bali, Indonesia)
La Ruta del Trompe (Chile)
Elder’s Tone (France)
TriBeCaStan (New York, USA)
With the participation of the OMFALOS Popular Choir directed by MATILDE POLITI and SIMONA DI GREGORIO (Sicily, Italy)

30 june

21:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini


Peppe di Mauro and Giorgio Rizzo (Sicily, Italy)
NOBILI TAMBURI e TATARATÀ (Casteltermini, Sicily, Italy)
U TANNEBER – Sabar Festival (Senegal)
with Mbar Ndiaye, Ady Thioune, Abdou Diop Umi Mbaye, Mor Mbaye, Kharim Seck
and with the participation of Sourakhata Dioubate (Guinea)

1 june

18:00 • Centro storico

Multietnic Musical Parade

Sambazita feat. NENEY SANTOS (Bahia, Brazil)
Sabar Drums (Senegal)
Gathering of Tammurinari from Troina (EN), Misilmeri (PA), and Monforte S. Giorgio (ME)

20:00 • Monastero dei Benedettini

TAPA SUDANA (Bali, Indonesia)

21:15 • Monastero dei Benedettini

Concert and Final Celebration

PATUNCHA (Calabria/Sicily)
Cafè do Brazil feat. NENEY SANTOS (Bahia, Brazil)


Tammurinu (Sicilian Drums) in the Casteltermini’s Tradition


with the Nobile’s family (Casteltermini, Sicily)



Afro-Samba Percussions


with Neney Santos (Bahia, Brasile)



Sabas Percussions


with Mbar Ndiaye, Ady Thioune, Abdou Diop (Senegal)





con Sourakhatà Dioubate (Guinea)



Tamburello (Tradition Sicilian Drums)


with Giorgio Maltese (Catania, Italy)



Kechak and traditional Balinese mask’s theater


with Tapa Sudana (Bali, Indonesia)



Turru Turru lu Tammuru.
Traditional Sicilian Polyphonic rhythmic singing


with Matilde Politi (Palermo, Italy) e Simona di Gregorio (Catania, Italy)



Beatbox and Vocal Percussion


with Elders’ Tone (France)



Marranzano (Traditional Sicilian Jew’s Harp)


with Giorgio Maltese (Catania, Italy)





with Elders’ Tone (France)



Recycle…Play Music!
Creative Recycling Lab with Natural and Recovered Materials


with Terra di Crianza (Catania, Italy)



Drum Circle for Adults e Children


with Romina Adorno (Catania, Italy)

The heart of the MARRANZANO WORLD FEST project lies in the workshops dedicated to the study of folk musical instruments and oral tradition vocal techniques from various parts of the world. In 2018, special attention will be given to workshops on drum group repertoires and rhythmic traditions, representing the main theme of this year.

The meeting and comparison with diverse musical cultures serve as a strategy to enhance and safeguard the heritage of traditional techniques and repertoires in our region, while simultaneously revitalizing and innovating the tradition of musical instruments in Sicily. The in-depth exploration of repertoires and execution techniques of oral traditions is conceived as a foundation for the renewal of contemporary musical language.

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